Extra fan kits - FAN012


These easy-fit 12V DC fans are the perfect match for your KitVault CCTV Enclosure to keep your CCTV equipment cool. Working on 12V DC they plug into a normal PSU and are supplied with 4 fixing screws. The standard 120x120mm square design fits the KitVault range of CCTV enclosures as well as most equipment rack designs.

Low profile LCD bracket - LCD180


This low profile LCD bracket makes wall mounting your LCD screen easy. The 2-part design means you simply fit one part to the LCD and the other to the wall, slot in and that's all it takes.

Suitable for screen sizes up to 23 inches that are VESA mount 75 or 100.

Low profile LCD bracket for large screens - LCD200


This is a low profile bracket that will most screen sizes up to 55 inches thanks to a flexible VESA mount plate for sizes 100/200/300 and 400. A firm favourite as it is supplied pre-assembled and sits just 50mm from the wall at it's tightest and up to 50cm when fully extended. Full left and right swivel as well a slight tilt up (10deg) and down (20deg), this design really does suit most application requirements.


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