Fully Removable Lid

Not just a hinged lid like other lockable DVR enclosures to make the connections and switches on the rear of your CCTV equipment really easy to reach.

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Removable Front

Can be completely removed from the main CCTV cabinet and put to one side to make slotting your CCTV recorder in and out really simple.

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Choice of Fan Slots

Handy slots for 12V fans mean it's easy to keep your IT & CCTV equipment cool, especially useful when running a lot of hard drives.

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Secure & Lockable

A CCTV lockbox helps comply with GDPR so you're not breaking any privacy laws or the CCTV Code of Practice.

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Choice of 4 Sizes

it's easy to get the right DVR or NVR enclosure for the job that will fit into the tightest of spaces.

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Tough Viewing Panel

Easily see that your CCTV equipment is working without unlocking the KitVault cabinet.

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KitVault DVR and NVR Enclosures - Keeping CCTV Equipment Secure

Brought to you by System Q Ltd - a Great British company with 25 years of history in the CCTV industry. Established 1994.

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KitVault Range - XS-VAULT100, S-VAULT100, M-VAULT300, L-VAULT400

Your CCTV recordings must be…
"securely stored, where only a limited number of authorised persons may have access to them”

- As outlined in the CCTV Code of Practice